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Lost or misused words

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The topic word of the week brought up an incident in 1967 starring two words you don't have
1. Schlepper- a jewish term for someone hired to carry or move things
2. Aryan- A member of a blue eyed blonde nordic type idylised by Adolph Hitler as the master race.
How do these terms fit together: Here is the story- the names have been changed but the story is true.
It was my first real paid job.
A new department store was coming to town - the offshoot of a New York Merchantile Firm.
My first job was in the stock room (clothing) but I was promoted to the position of transporting goods from the stock room to the sales floor.
I asked my boss what my title was and he said I was a Schlepper.
As the opening day approached two dignitaries from New York came to oversee us- Mr. Weinstein and Mr Morris. the older of the two Mr Weinstein took an immediate dislike to me.
We dressed casually as we prepared the store to open but were given strict orders that the first day "Every employee seen on the sales floor must be weaaring a white shirt and tie."
So I bought a new white shirt with french cuffs and proudly wore it to work that day.
What I didn't know was how much this would irk the visiting dignitary from the home office.
He asked me point blank why I was dressed like that and I told him-
I am a schlepper bringing merchandise onto the sales floor.
We had orders to dress this way if we were to be on the sales floor.
A friend told me they had heard him tell my boss
"That young aryan schepper has no right to be on the sales floor on this grand occassion. I want him kept out of sight and assigned the dirtiest job you can find. He went on to say that it was my blue eyes and blonde hair that he found so reminiscent of a Nazi prison guard.
(Had he asked he would have learned no relative of mine had been in Europe since the early 1800s)
I soon found myself in my white shirt wiping motor oil from leaky cans in the back room . By the end of the day my new shirt was ruined.
But this I remember Blacks are not the only ones who can suffer discrimination. I suffered it because he perceived me as being Aryan.

Lost or misused words

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Demon Drawer

Hi Shagbark,

thanks for these. As you most have noticed in smiley - thepost, Bel has asked me to start this up again. Your suggestions will form part of the plan moving forward, so thank you.

Lost or misused words

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Strange story. Must be true, you couldn't make that up.

Lost or misused words

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Absolutely true, and when these days some Jew complains about
anti-semitism, I just feel grateful that I don't work for them.

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