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Radio Show Live

I have no doubt that many of my fellow researchers like me bought tickets for the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show Live.

However, most of you will have bought them for a venue that isn't Belfast. Sadly at 4pm on Friday before the run in Belfast was due to start today the three Belfast shows were all cancelled. smiley - wah The Grand Opera House in Belfast are merely saying due to circumstances outside their control and the Facebook page of the production is being rather vague.

However, Northern Ireland is a small enough place that people know people. And some of those people are saying that at the very last minute the production pulled out of transporting the show to Belfast for 'business reasons'. Which make us doubt that the promise of bringing the show here in the future is as viable. Once again the people of Northern Ireland are missing out on entertainment that they will enjoy because some Vogons in headquarters have taken it upon themselves to demolish people's hopes at the last wasn't even a Thursday!!!

So while I was looking forward to seeing the sound effects being produced live, Simon Jones et al preforming the parts that I know so well, Rula Lenska as The Book for the day I had booked, I shall sadly not be doing what I had intended to do this Wednesday evening and celebrate Beatrice's birthday with a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster at the interval.smiley - wah

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So Long Peregrin

Cannot believe the sad news I heard today.

Back in time U40382 aka Peregrin was one of the first researchers I got to know when all around here was goo.

In May 2000 at the London meet up I met him IRL, but he was cruelly taken from us on Firday, doing one of the things he grew to love.

So long mate, and thanks for all the memories

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Heeeeere's DD

*there is a split in the door then a head appears*

Heeeeeeeerre's DD

Good to be back

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Whoops! Tenth Hootoversary missed

I missed my tenth Hootooversary on the 17th December.

I was enjoying a considerable nice lunch at the time, having just returned home to Northern Ireland for Christmas at the time.

What has changed in that time?

Well I have at least 20 entries (10 solo) edited on the guide for each of my years here. Though in recent years the frequency has dropped of.

I came out to my parents while I was active on Hootoo, thanks to some support from people on here. I went back in soon after and spent 5 years with the lovely Fashion Cat who earlier this year married Babel 17.

I moved to Scotland in 2001 and am still here. And am not actively involved once again in the Liberal Democrats. I've also (and this is probably the real reason for my inactivity here) taken to blogging. You can guess it in the last 4 and half years I've been at that there are almost 2000 blog posts on my blog which according to Wikio is one of the top 50 most influencial political blogs in the UK as we end the decade.

So I'll have a smiley - stout (a nice smiley which my drinking habit in the F&F inspired) and a BB* chaser.

*For those that don't know that is a Black Bush one of the Bushmills whiskeys

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Towel Day

Looking forward to Towel Day tomorrow and the SRG meeting up in Standing Orders on George Street Edinburgh.

Hope to see some of you Hoopy Frood's there.

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