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Welcome m'lord Baron!

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It gives one a great feeling to see a peer of the Realm in such good company as here be.

William Wylde
Baron Shatturday
First Beast-Monkey and Lord High Emperor of Earth and Moon

Welcome m'lord Baron!

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Thank you for the warm greeting. I was beginning to think i was the only Baron on the Guide. It's good to know that I am not.

Welcome m'lord Baron!

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Actually, I'm here in my OFFICIAL CAPACITY as Lord High Inquisitor of the CotTB. I must inspect all your brownies, and perhaps even taste them, to insure orthodoxy in their makeup.

We can't be letting Heretical Brownies into our fold, now can we?

So ante up! Where's the brownies?

smiley - fishda Baron
Also Lord High Inquisitor for the Church of the Brownie...

Welcome m'lord Baron!

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AAH, yes. I understand. You can't be too careful these days. You never know what some misguided fool may try to pass of as a brownie.

If you will wait just a moment, I will remove myself to the kitchen for a moment so that I may happily grant your request.

*Dissapears through darkened doorway........returns dragging bathtub full of delicious smelling brownies*

Please, inspect away. Taste, smell whatever. Perhaps participate in a healthy "Brownie Throw?"

Welcome m'lord Baron!

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Ah.. A couple of Barons.. What a grande place to fall into for passing out these flyers.

Hope to see you at the drink-and-singalong in the Great Hall!

Welcome m'lord Baron!

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Ah! BROWNIES! *dances with glee*

Ahem. *straigtens up into some semblace of solemity*

Yes, these do appear to be TASTY brownies! Nothing like a warm, fresh-baked brownie to make the HEAVENS open up and the DIVINE LIGHT of chocolate-pastry goodness to SHINE DOWN upon a mortal!

Did you say brownie-toss? My god man! You must be a SAINT, a SAINT, I say!

da Baron
smiley - fish LHI-CotTB

Welcome m'lord Baron!

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If you wiil but follow me out to the back yard where I store my catapult I will seek to impress you a bit more....smiley - winkeye

Tent Revival!

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Come one come all, to the greatest food in the known universe! The Church of the True Brownie is having a Revival! You can join the festival here: Please come and you will be Saved! -Archbishop Marv

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