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Camel smileys and others

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There was a link where I ask for a smiley (I think - I'm new here) and it asked for a U number, what's that?smiley - bubbly

Camel smileys and others

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Dea.. - call me Mrs B!

Hi Petron, Nik's obviously not in! She's been doing a lot of flower arranging lately and it's obviously wearing her out!smiley - laugh

Your U number is your own personal researcher number, you'll find it on your personal space, next to your name. When you post it, it'll come out as a link so that people can click on it to get to your personal space. The Campaign for New Smileys wants to know it so that they can add you to the campaign list!!

You could ask for a camel one to help our cause!!!

smiley - rainbowsmiley - reindeersmiley - pandasmiley - alesmiley - redwine

Camel smileys and others

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Dea.. - call me Mrs B! And if you're new and wanna come say hello, we can usually be found in this little corner of the h2g2 world, having virtual cocktails and shooting the breeze!!! Just give that link above a click and it should bring you to where we're at in the conversation, most of which is complete drivel, but if you're not looking for the meaning of life, then it's a good place to start!! Bring a box of and you'll fit right in!!! Most of us have only been here a few months so we're not brilliant at this site either, but it does get easier, honest!!! Deaks

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