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Erm.....Guide ML

Well ive been posting on these boards now for about 3 weeks and i want to put those fancy pictures and moving words in my Personal Space, but every time i go into Guide ML nothing works smiley - sadface i follow the instructions and have Cut & Pasted things but when i preview it all i get is 'illegal use of (a really long word)' all over my text & what ive C&P just comes in text smiley - wah

Now i hoping that our Founder Disco Stu been the whizz he is will be able to help me smiley - biggrin

I know this is probably not what your supposed to write in here but....well....yeah i'm a saddo smiley - winkeye this is the only thing i can write about cos i dont do anything else like drink, smoke, go out pubbing/clubbing. smiley - winkeye

Anyway cheerio party people smiley - kiss and have a smiley - bubbly or smiley - bubblysmiley - bubbly on me

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