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Entry: Interconnectedness: - A771266
Author: Redz - U191521

Well, i liked the metaphor, personally!!
smiley - smiley

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a girl called Ben

The more I wade through the oldest threads here, the sadder I get about the state of the AWW last summer. Here is another very good entry which was completely ignored written by someone who has left. Redz last posting was on Mar 1, 2003.

Well, if Redz gets back, hopefully they will find that we have been talking about this one.

I love the carrot metaphor, and I like this piece. It is articulate, it has lightness of touch, it is almost well argued. It is fun. It made me think, which is something I value.


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Like Ben I too am disaponted with the sparcity of comments Redz' excellent writing recieved.

I think what I like about the writing is the style, it feels almost whimsical, and yet gets the message across in a positive way. Definately deserves more attention so dusting this one off and sending it on up to the pithead

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Hey everyone!! UM... im back... though under a slightly different name.... my space shall explain, and i do exist smiley - smiley yay for existence!!

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Mrs Zen

*bounces up to the top of the forum*

Surely some of our excellent miners can comment on this?


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Maybe they can. Till then, there's always me.

It's a tantalising piece.
There are a couple of possibilities here. It might actually be profound, only on someone else's wavelength. Alternatively, it might be designed to lure the reader on a wild-goose-chase, trying to find out where it actually says anything.

Either way, it leaves me wondering what the recurring carrot actually was.

Nicely written, though. It's assured in its randomness. Works nicely as a monologue - can't quite decide whether the voice should be anorak-monotone or highly-strung gabble.

Love that colon in the title. One possible improvement would be to get the letter-count wrong, and see if anyone noticed.

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