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A88030235 - Zombies - FAQs

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Entry: Zombies - FAQs - A88030235
Author: Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor - U128652

Restored via the Wayback Machine.


A88030235 - Zombies - FAQs

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - ok

A88030235 - Zombies - FAQs

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SashaQ - happysad

This Entry is a zombie - a half-finished version that emerged from the wayback machine smiley - monster

I've found the comments that I hope will help...

A88030235 - Zombies - FAQs

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SashaQ - happysad

FWR: I suppose as a light-hearted FAQ entry, it's fine, if it was an actual Entry on Zombies, then it's way too shallow. smiley - hug
Whether it is by supernatural or scientific means, they've been around in our collective consciousness for a very long time.

GB: I've removed the GM crops part smiley - ok

Dmitri: I don't think you've mentioned:

iZombie, a US supernatural procedural crime drama television series.

I mention this because it is to date the ONLY zombie-related entertainment I have actually liked. We've watched the whole series TWICE. Spelling is 'iZombie'.

I used to like vampire stuff until the vampires all turned into horny teenagers.

Glad FWR found you - he's the zombie movie expert. Do you think you could run this around April Fool's Day? It's a sort of joke entry.

I grew up in the Pittsburgh area, which is where the modern zombie was invented by George Romero, who took this up after filming Mister Rogers' tonsillectomy for public television. We had trouble taking the genre seriously once we recognised our weatherman in 'Night of the Living Dead'.

FWR: There are soooo many TV shows and movies out there that have an non-living slant. Santa Clarita Diet is a funny watch. American Gods has a very reluctant zombie, and of course TWD franchise, the only zombie franchise in which they never use the Z word!

A88030235 - Zombies - FAQs

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SashaQ - happysad

I agree with FWR that the Entry should be less shallow for the Edited Guide. Eg the Zombie Kill-O-Meter doesn't add up, and I'd like to see more direct reference to the films where each of the different aspects of zombies are featured.

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