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For details of all our volunteer schemes, check out the volunteers page.

Shortly after the launch of h2g2, we realised that we'd need help with processing all the Edited Entries, so a number of friendly and helpful h2g2 Researchers were approached to join the Sub-editors' scheme.

Essentially once an Entry has been through h2g2's Peer Review System, the Sub-editors edit it according to a set of guidelines (see below). These wonderful people are completely voluntary, and they look at and edit Entries in their free time, so please be nice to them if you see them. You can either leave messages of praise or thanks below, or on individual Sub-editors' Personal Spaces, which can be found below:

We've got quite a few pages that explain more about the Sub-editors - take your pick from the following, or use the links at the top of the page.

How to Ask Us to Fix Editing Errors

Subs really don't get their rocks off by changing somebody else's prose - it's something they've been asked to do to maintain the style of the Edited Guide. If you have a gripe with the way that something has been edited, or you suspect that an entry has been plagiarised, please leave a message in the Editorial Feedback Forum. We are happy to listen to everyone, but it helps if you state the name of the entry, and its entry number, and let us know what the problem is.

If you'd like to contest any spelling, grammar, or facts, please leave us a message in the Editorial Feedback Forum. In the case of typos or incorrect facts, tell us which paragraph it's in, how the sentence currently reads, and how the sentence should read. Then it's a quick case of cutting and pasting the correct words in.

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