My theory of parallel universes

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My theory of parallel universes
A parallel universe is easy to imagine if you know what it is but for those who don’t have any idea what it is it is a very hard thing to try to explain to them. You tell them it’s another universe that is created by you choosing to do one thing instead of another, the things that you don’t do which is a heck of a lot when you sit down and think of the number of things that you could do at any point in time. So for each of the things that you could do it is done in another universe that just appears some how. This is the part that people don’t get, how can me not doing something create another universe? It is a very hard question to answer indeed because we have a very small understanding of what a parallel universe really is, it could be outside our galaxy or within our own or just mm away from us in another plane of existence and if u where able to see all of them at once you would see an infinite number of yourself moving around in there day to day lives having absolutely no idea that they are just part of another persons life that didn’t happen, we our selves are most probably a universe of something that someone else didn’t do in there universe.

So this means that its not only just what I don’t do but also the things that I didn’t do in my universes of things I didn’t do and so on, I only went out two because it gives you quite a headache trying to thing of what to put down.

Now a parallel universe can be almost identical to ours even flawless accept that the you in that universe moved his finger a little bit to the left as he was reading this as you are doing now, and as most of you reading this probably went and moved your finger to the left so that, that universe wasn’t created another one was created where you didn’t do it and also where you moved it to different distances so no matter what you do you cant stop them from being created, so some are of very little difference and some of unimaginable difference such as if people thousands of years ago came to their senses and stopped fighting each other for their land and worked together to make developments in science, astronomy and aviation we might be living in several different planets across the universe and have already come in contact with intelligent life forms. But we happen to be in the universe where they didn’t come to their senses and are still fighting to this day.

Alright so we now understand what a parallel universe is but haven’t even scratched the surface of the question “how do we create them by not doing something?” because everything that has ever been created has been done by doing something but this is something for nothing (pretty good deal when you think about it)

But how they are formed i dont know.... yet

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