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Ahh, the Stapler, is there any office material more beautiful than the Stapler? At first glance it looks like an ordinary piece of instrument used for putting smaller shares of paper together but no! It goes so much further than that.

The first Stapler

The first Stapler was produced around the 1930-1940, the date is constantly being argued about by well-known scientists in the subject. The first Staplers might have looked something like its long distant relative; the perforator. The earliest Stapler was crude in design, took ages to "re-load" and was hard to aim with, they were also very often grey and dull-looking.

The first recorded documents of Staplers came in the year 1942; an American Stapler with the name Stapler 3948-38 Mk 3 was drafted into the US Army, his enlistment paper is still available for the public to see in the national museum of natural history in Stapville somewhere in America.
During WW2 hundreds of thousands of Staplers was sent out into battle, some of the most noticeable ones were the ones who were assigned to the SHAEF. That unit could lose as much as two Staplers per day by over-stapling. That’s where 3948-38 Mk 3 lost his life on June 13 1944 while stapling a paper regarding the movement of the 3rd British armour Division.

WW2 ended, and with it the demand for Staplers in the line of duty came to an end, and instead Staplers around the world became mass-produced to work in offices.
Day in and day out, sometimes with very low pay, they worked hard without ever complaining.
But times got better, and Staplers life quality was raised noticeably, but to this day they are very rarely regarded as anything else but a tool, these noble creations, which have fought in so many wars, which have had to endure so much pain and suffering, but never ever complained about their misery!
They forever deserve our respect, for to them we owe EVERYTHING!

So I ask you, sitting there with your Stapler in your hand, take a good look at it, observe how wonderfully it attracts the light, how aerodynamic it looks, how it shows the perfection of evolution, the high peak of nature, Gods outmost creation, and ask yourself, what do YOU owe them!!!?

And if you don’t have a Stapler you can always put the building on fire.

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