Blue Chalcedony

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Sometimes when I look at this crystal it smiles at me,
and I can imagine a wee faerie dangling her legs from side to side on the edge of it.
I hear sparkley, tinkley laughter, and, I think,
she could at some time be up to mischief.

Other times I meditate on it and it becomes pink and purple,
"I am in touch with your inner child," it seems to be saying to me.

Lastly, amongst all the crystals that I have - which are many -
this one, in the matter of just a few days, has become my friend.
My very own personal crystal. One to be kept beside me...always...

A fairy falling into a pot of ink; <br/>
another fairy writing on a piece of parchment paper


...spanish word meaning sun
The sunny crystal, aiding confidence, is of course, CITRINE

"The sun shone down on the sparkling sea, then it looked up
and smiled at me"

Have you ever been moving along in a boat and seen
how the sun glinting off the water looks like little arrows?

For me, the picture of happiness is my blue chalcedony, my family, and REAL WARM people who have smiles on their faces, who have smiles in their eyes, and who have smiles in their hearts.

A paradise island... aaaah!

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