N00bs, Quackers and Campers

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This is an entry on the different kind of people you might run into while surfing the world wide web

These guys...

This entry will mainly focus on the stereotypes of Internet, generally people are really nice on the internet, nicer than in real life even.
Also remember that people can be different kinds of stereotypes, these will also be described below, but all people are different.

No need to feel insulted.


A n00b is a shortening for newbie, beginner, newcomer, and is generally used as a sort of affectionate term, but is also used to describe someone who has done something stupid and wrong.

N00bs are usually pretty easy to deal with, apart from those who does not care to find out how something works before using it, i.e. spamming threads in forums because they believe their message did not get through the first 300 times or shooting a team-mate in a multiplayer game because he/she had not bothered to learn the different uniforms.

Other nicknames; idiots


Quackers are rarely used as anything else but an insult, generally, or always used in multiplayer games, a quacker is a person not caring about stealth or sports in a multiplayer game, but instead he runs around with the biggest, fastest gun he can find and shoots everything in sight.

Quackers usually gets high scores but are easy to kill if you are the stealthy-sniper kind of guy, or a really good rifleman

The term "quacker" comes from the game Quacke, were it is rare to see anything but this kind of tactics

Quackers can be very fast to shout "n00b" to anyone that kills them, then they are called "bad losers"

Other nicknames; idiots


Campers are those annoying guys that finds a spot in a map in a multiplayer game and stays there for the rest of the game until someone comes and shoots him or gets killed by him.

They are not to be mistaken for snipers, who finds a good strategic spot and holds it, because they do move, and they do not sit in a corner and waits a hole game to kill something

They do not see anything wrong by this, but it's no fun having to wait for them to die in spectator mode while watching the same old wall all the time

Other nicknames; idiots


Teamkillers are those a******s that kills people in their team, they have made the old saying come alive again; "kill me once shame on you, kill me twice shame on you again, kill me three times, sorry about your head-it just went off".

These people are the most hated people on the internet that exist today, they can of course be kicked by moderators from games but they can come back.
They keep claming it went off by accident, but after 20 times you begin to wonder...

Other nicknames; a******s, idiots, and various other not so flattering nicknames.

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