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Yes, I am finally on top again. Do you have any idea how ahead I am with this stuff? Really, really extremely ahead. In the most 'ahead' of people right now. I submitted two chapters of the TGCR last week, and I rather think I'll do it that way again. Because it gives me time to have a life and do homework and go on dates and things like that. And that’s always nice. I like having a life. Anyway, enjoy this week's Chronicle. smiley - ok Oh, and read them more. And tell your friends how wonderful this column is. (Etcetera.)

~*In Jessie’s rooms*~
Jessie: *She hides her mouth with the back of her hand and laughs derisively.* A-hahahahaha1
Firefly: *Awakens chained to a very pink (and therefore frightening) chair in such a way that he can only move his head, from the neck up.* *blearily* What the smiley - bleep…?
Jessie: *looks at Firefly with the fires of what might be hatred, and what might be love, burning somewhere behind her magenta2 eyes.* So you're awake then… *she walks slowly over to him.*
Firefly: What is going on…?
Jessie: I’m not entirely certain myself… *Jessie turns the bubblegum pink riding crop she's holding in her hands over and over again, slowly.*
Firefly: *his eyes are drawn to the riding crop, and he gulps* Erm, where's Jade…? For I greatly desire to speak wi—
Jessie: *her riding crop suddenly is flicked out and very gently catches the bottom of his chin* Let's get something straight, mm hmm?
Firefly: *nods enthusiastically, in hopes that if he’s cooperative, he won’t get smacked about*
Jessie: First off, you are now mine. That other goddess never wanted you anyway.
Firefly: *looks somewhat confused* That wasn't my understanding, Jadealways said that she lo—
Jessie: *tuts* No no no nooo, don't speak darling. I haven’t finished. Now then. Secondly, I would rather like to not hear that name. Ever again. She, for all intents and purposes, is dead to you. …And quite frankly it wouldn't hurt me feelings all that much if she was dead to everyone… *She once again raises the back of her hand to her mouth and laughs derisively.*
Firefly: *shudders inadvertently* Erm, right then. Just, uh, please don't kill me…?
Jessie: *she tenderly takes the lower bit of his jaw in her right hand and holds it, staring into Firefly's eyes* Oh you little dear. Honestly I wouldn't dream of it… And in truth I really don’t think I could.
Firefly: *squeaks slightly* Dare I venture to ask why not…?
Jessie: *She giggles in a very frightening sort of manner and hugs Firefly’s head to her chest* Because you're so completely central to my plan, you dear, dear thing, you…
Firefly: Eep…

*Jessie grins and holds up her right3 hand. Her gauntlet glints attractively in the light, but Firefly notices that it does not shine with the same sort of ethereal glow as Jade's does. He is quite unimpressed, but as Jessie is holding a riding crop, he isn’t about to tell Jessie.*
Jessie: Jade has something of great value to me… And I think that you might just be the perfect means for me to acquire it…

~*In Jade's (lovely) room*~
Jade: *crosses her arms in defiance and sits down heavily on her (lovely) bed.* Humph. I can't believe that someone would just take Firefly like that…!
James: *knocks on Jade's doorframe and sticks his head in the door, looking slightly worried* Erm, Jadie?
Jade: Oh hi, James… * Jade takes the fluffy towel covering her hair off and begins to rub it slightly harshly against her head to dry it off a bit*
James: Oh, erm, nothing. Ha. *He rubs the back of his neck in a slightly nervous sort of way* Hey, I'm… sorry Jessie messed up your room. We can try and fix it tomorrow, if you'd like.
Jade: I think we have more pressing matters at the moment… * Jade indicates the message scrawled on the mirror of her (lovely) vanity.*
James: *doesn't look too entirely surprised* …Oh really. *He walks to the vanity and runs his finger across one of the letters, inspecting the rouge with thumb and forefinger* Uugh. What a revolting colour… Looks familiar though, doesn’t it?
Jade: Yes, that's what I thought too. But they've taken Firefly… Do you think it might be Jessie, after that stunt she pulled earlier…?
James: *looking about nervously* Even if that’s the case, why are you so angry about it? I thought you didn’t like Firefly… erm, like that, as it were.
Jade: *blushes slightly* Well, suffice it to say that things have changed since we were last here. *she notices his behaviour and raises an eyebrow* What is the matter with you, James? You've been acting oddly since you came in…
James: *His eyes flick to her gauntlet* Have you noticed that your gauntlet isn't as shiny as it was when you arrived…?
Jade: *looks down at it, noticing that it has, indeed, lost some of its initial sparkle and shine.* No, I guess I hadn’t… How odd…
James: *gasps, puts both hands over his mouth* It is as I feared…
Jade: What…?

And so ends this week's chapter of the TGCR. Sorry it's such a cliff hanger, but if I didn't do things like this, people wouldn’t be interested and read my story, now would they? Look forward to the next one, will you…?
smiley - cheers, Jadie

Tom Green Chronicles Mark II

Jedi Jade

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1I told you she laughed derisively!2Hoi Magenta!!3Followers of the Martian religion will know that this is the gauntlet hand. (which is very important indeed.)

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