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Well done sir!

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Metal Chicken

Congratulations on both getting round to reading this excellent book and writing a fine, enthusiastic review for the Post here
This book has been discussed, enthused over and recommended in so many places on H2G2 it well deserved an appearance in this slot.
smiley - cheers

Well done sir!

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MC -

Thanks for the great review of the review smiley - winkeye

I've heard all the enthusing on this book, I kept kicking myself while reading it for waiting so long.

I'm currently reading Snow Crash and it will be in the Post soon.

Thanks again,

Well done sir!

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marvthegrate LtG KEA

Excellent review.

Cryptonomicon is one of my very favourite. Snow crash is a great read after Crypto. The next book in the cycle (as I see it) is Diamond Age.

The Waterhouse characters are both very engaging, which is a tough task considering that you are talking about a mathmatician and a computer geek.

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