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Made my Sat. morning trip to the local Farmer's Market, about a 5 minute walk <ok>. As, usual, I got there mid-morning, & the place was bustling. Aside from the crowd out doing their shopping, there were the buskers - the 1 playing <musicalnote> 'Penny Lane', & 'When I'm Sixty Four'<musicalnote>, etc, on his violin. And, of course, the <clown>, making balloon animals for the kids...or little ones riding the rocking horses, that one of the Craftsmen sell, there.

I bought some baby potatoes, onions...Blueberry bagels (from the Bagel Latte vendor), was a little disappointed to discover that the people I usually buy my Cayenne, & Bell peppers from, are still on a seasonal break (perhaps, a winter vacation, to a warmer climate.)Didn't really need anything from the Alberta Bison Meat booth, or the Hinse Poultry booth. Did stop to sample some Eyot Creek Farms freshly made cheese. With my sweet tooth it was difficult to just bypass all the homemade cookies, cinnamon buns, coffee cakes, etc. Although, I guess, I could've stopped for a <coffee>, or <tea> & cinnamon bun...hmm.

Sure is nice to have something like that, so closeby! :-)

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