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i am a cop

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Researcher 192621

i am a cop. you have problems. you need to run to your nearest treatment facility to get off the pot. It makes you crazy and a criminal. I will be watching your post to make sure you dont try to conduct any illegal activities. Marijuana is made from the devil, and jesus is the only way to escape your addiction. go now in peace and rid yourself of your demon I read your personal bio and will be checking on you.
officer bagwhins

i am a cop

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Sirona ( 1x7-4+(7x6)-(sqrt9) = 42 )

You also seem something of the prejudiced, narrow-minded bigot.

And you have obviously never toked up.


i am a cop

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Is that a joke? God, sounds like something out of a 1930s pamphlet on The Evils of Marijuana.

i am a cop

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Researcher 196931

Wow. 'i am a cop,' you're obviously extremely uptight, completely crazy and totally naive. I have no idea how you ever got to read the Hitchhiker books, let alone come to this site... Anyway, here's a question for you: do you ever drink coffee, or take some other sort of caffeine? Because if you are, then you're doing something far more dangerous than smoking pot: drinking 40 cups of coffee will cause you to overdose and die. That's right, coffee is a more dangerous drug than pot, because it is physically IMPOSSIBLE to overdose on pot. And what about cigarettes? Why are they legal, and not pot - cigarettes are far more dangerous because they're extremely carcinogenic (even if one joint is the equivalent of four cigarettes, who smokes packs of joints?). And don't get me started on alcohol... Of course, the point I'm arguing here is that illegalization is ridiculous, and that its completely political. Why was pot outlawed, but not tobacco? Because the cotton growers at that time were afraid of hemp, an extremely useful and more efficient cloth. Today, illegalization has turned into a race war. There were almost 750,000 marijuana arrests in the US, most of which were either non-white or from poorer, inner-city areas (keep in mind that these statistics are really skewed - the proportion of white to non-white pot smokers don't match up at all to their arrest records). Given that you're a cop, this sheds some bad light on you. Are you racist? Perhaps, or perhaps not, but you're certainly backing up a racist and classist system that is designed to genocidally destroy a generation of inner-city black males. OK, maybe its not quite that bad... yet... maybe... Either way, its not a pretty picture for you. And in any case, you certainly don't deserve the right to read or post on the Hitchhikers site - the spirit of the Guide is informative and experimental exploration, not imprisonment, bigotry, or racism. What's a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster if not an experimental trip to the inner spaces of your own head - just like pot. Personally, I feel more sorry for you than the most pot-dependent soul out there (I say dependent because pot isn't physically addictive - unlike tobacco, caffeine, or alcohol). Have 'fun' in your worthless life, 'i am a cop.'

i am a cop

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Researcher 196931

I really hope its a joke. If not, I feel really sorry for him, the poor sad fool. smiley - sadface

i am a cop

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Sirona ( 1x7-4+(7x6)-(sqrt9) = 42 )

Just stating some facts...
Actually, some recent studies have shown that THC IS physically addicting in high amounts. Now, it's not possible to get enough THC through weed to become addicted physically. Of course, pills of pure THC would still stay outlawed if weed was legalized.

God. I've become such a stoner. It's NORML to smoke pot! Hehe...


i am a cop

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Adam Fogarty

YOU have NO god damn right to watch this guy, you uptight asshole. Just because he mentioned pot doesnt mean he is gonna run a freaking smuggling ring off of this fourum you paranoid jackass. And what makes pot so bad, i bet you couldnt give us a reason other than "cuz its illeagle thats why" WELL MABY YOU SHOULD FIGURE IT OUT INSTEAD OF JUST DOING WHATEVER THE HELL YOU ARE TOLD TO. YOU JUST ASSUME ITS BAD BECAUSE YOU WERE TOLD ITS BAD. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE LEADERS AND THERE ARE THE MINDLESS FOLLOWERS, ITS OBVIOUS WHICH YOU ARE.

i am a cop

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Miss Tish

I think you're all barking up the wrong tree! "im a cop" was practising a form of humour, known to us British as "irony". Irony, is the opposite of what you would expect from a situation:-

irony (i-ro-ni) n. covert ridicule which exposes the faults or follies of others, by an assumed ignorance, accompanied by an implied conscious superiority, of what is the true state of affairs; a mode of speech in which the meaning is the opposite of that actually expressed; sarcasm;

I hope this clears things up for all you brothers and sisters in the good old US of A smiley - winkeye


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This post has been removed.


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Have to agree with Miss Tish, i think "im a cop" officer Bagwhins is most definatly just a wind-up...........very funny, everybody just chill now...take it easy.....have a toke on dis....there thats better......its all clear now isnt it.....so much easier to laugh,....now....repeat after me; "It happens, it'll pass...."
you can now enjoy the ironic humour (or 'humor' if your the other side of the pond") of Mr "Im a cop" may he tickle our funny bones for many years to come......mind you....i could be suffering from reefer madness....i will be checking into my nearest rehab a.s.a.p.....bye for now....9bar.....luv it!!

i am a cop

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Researcher 206317

i am sorry that you have been corrupted by the evils in our world. if God gave us a plant he intends us to use it. marijuana will save the world. go to erowid.org's cannabis faq to learn more

i am a cop

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....jesus also talked to a 'burning bush' when he was in the wilderness, we all know what that means!!??

i am a cop

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Canabis should be legalised just in case it is dangerous, so it can be made relatively safe and the ingredients stated, if you have a bad experience with it, you should at least be able to complain to someone!smiley - smileysmiley - biggrinsmiley - winkeyesmiley - cheerup

i am a cop

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oh, dont worry mate, if i get burned
i always complain, whether i get a cash refund (reefer-fund) is another thing completely.

i am a cop

Post 15

Jessie, queen of the strange - Nirvana rocks my socks!

The only reason pot is dangerous at all is because A) You don't know what's in the weed you're buying (it could be laced with PCP, heroin, whatever) B) It alters your consciousness, potentially impairing your ability to make decisions (but unlike alcohol, it tends to make you mellower, and as long as you're not driving under the influence this should not be a problem) and C) People who deal pot often deal other things, and can encourage you to try hard drugs that really *do* have serious risks associated with them. Both A and C come directly from the illegality of the drug, and B could be solved by regulating pot like alcohol, making it illegal to pull a DWI. How stupid are our governmental officials?

But wait! Unlike alcohol, which requires equipment to brew, cannabis is easy to grow in secret (and thus avoid government taxes).

Forgive me if I sound a bit sarcastic. I'm 14 years old and I'm already a bitter old cynic. Isn't it sad what this world's coming to?

Oh, and by the way, I live in the good old US of A, and DWI means Driving While Intoxicated, for the naive and stupid.

i am a cop

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dont get laced weed in the uk, aint we lucky?...tho dont get pcp in uk either, bummer!

i am a cop

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Jessie, queen of the strange - Nirvana rocks my socks!

Weird. Here, if you're buying from someone you don't know, one of the first things you do is check whether it's laced. Sometimes dealers put a pinch of something strong and addictive (heroin, coke, PCP) in pot, in the hopes that customers will like it and buy more.

i am a cop

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Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man

F**K THA POLICE!! To prove my pro-marijuana stance, i am right now twisted out of my skill!! I am a cop u r so stupid!! you should spark a j up some time, change your mind

ever notice how pot makes you feel kinda sort of like ur mind is a computer that keeps skipping? wierd man, trippy.

i am a cop

Post 19

Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man

yeah. good thing i know my supplier eh?

A Burning Bush?

Post 20

Lone Wolf

nine.bar, you have it wrong. Jesus spoke to no bush. Not a burning one, not the ex US president, and most certainly not W. That was Mosis, another stoner...

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