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Changing the World by Degrees

The Season of Goodwill is over. Does that now mean that the world goes to war?

Do we have any say in the matter? Do we want a war?

And if we don't, is there anything realistic that an individual can do?
Let us know on Word Peace - Can It Be?

Apart from that (!)

Do You Feel Lucky? Dr Richard Wiseman claims to have proved that fortune favours the bold.

Dr Wiseman has spent ten years researching luck: who has it; who knows how to use it and who can't get anywhere near it. The psychologist studied the lives of 400 people to collate his research. What's particulary interesting about Dr Wiseman is that he was one of the youngest ever members of the Magic Circle, He is now head of the Perrott-Warrick Research Unit at the
University of Hertfordshire.

He claims that there are four main criteria to create The Luck Factor. You can find out about them here.

And that old chestnut Science vs Faith is chuntering away on. Why not stick your oar in too?


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