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There is a crumbling sound in the distance, and you wonder yet again, why you responded to that crazy letter from Moose. Edging your way along the dingy corridor you come across and old wooden door. Apprehension grips you body, after what you found in the entrance foyer, do you really want to go in there? You take a deep breath and push the old door open. The creak from the door echoes all around the chamber on the other side. You step through and look around you.

It is a gigantic room. The ceiling is light years above you and the room stretches on into what seems like forever. On your left is a rather dishevelled dinner party. The guest are yelling and telling bad anecdotes. There is an old man gurgling to himself on the floor. he glances up as you enter. He struggles to his feet and comes toward you. "You. you're the one." he shouts accusingly "Never come near my wife ever..." he collapses on the the floor. Slightly shaken, you continue on.

On your right, there is what seems to be a field full of sheep in bikinis. They all bleat madly, and sidle, en masse, toward you. You panic and begin to run, but it would seem they are rather intent on following you. Gasping you hide behind a pillar and curl up there until the bleating subsides and you know that, yet again, you are alone.

You stand up and look back down the room. Bizarrely enough, there is absolutely nothing there. Not even the floor. The deep empty expanse of space stretches out behind you. Staggering back, gasping and wretching, you attempt to grab something for support. What you grab is decidedly green and wet. You spin round expecting the worst and there before you is what would appear to be on all accounts, a rainforest. Slightly disconcerted at the spontaneous creation of this entity, you carry on forward.

A very small door comes into view on the other side of the chamber. You break into a sprint, hoping that on the other side of the door lies sanity. You run, ever forward, keeping your eye on the door. Puffing and groaning, you can see that you're getting closer. You pass a dragon on your left and yet another dinner party on your right. But you don't stop this time, you've had enough. With a sickening tinkle, the door disappears. You stop running. You glance about you, almost as if you were hoping to find the door hiding next to you, but there is nothing. No where to go, no way back. You collapse from exhaustion and frustration and begin to curse Moose rather violently.

Several hours later you awaken to the sound of a piano being played somewhere in the distance. Looking around you, bleary eyed, you remember where you are. You stare into the nothingness which surrounds you and begin to cry quielty to yourself. What if you never see your family again? Who's going to feed poor Fluffy? Hugging your knees to your chest you begin to sob in earnest.

Deep within the bowels of the building a faint glow begins. It is a pulsating golden glow and it grows and brightens very fast. It expands to fill it's room and contiues on. It weaves in and out of corridors, ever growing. Until it reaches you.

It descends upon you from above. Starting as a faint glow above you and growing into a roaring ball of light. It descends further and envelopes you. You feel intense light around you and there is a rushing wind which rips at your clothes and hair. You try to scream, but the sound is lost in the roar of the light. Hugging yourself you wait for it to be over. The light begins to weaken and the wind dies down. You find youself in a completely different room to where you were. This is a small dark room with one light on the roof and a door in front of you. You take the only concieveable form of action and open the door.

You step through into a very light and very large room. There is glass everywhere, and you can see to the outside. Everything is white and is relfecting the light amazingly. You blink, slightly dazed, and look around you. Something is moving up ahead. A large white chair spins around behind a large white desk. In the chair is Moose. Shocked, you just stare.
"oh hello, glad you could join us. I trust you didn't have any trouble finding the place."
Exasperated, you collaspe into the nearest chair. You look around you again. So this was Moose's World Domination Head Quarters...nice.

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