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The start of it all... The Great A'Tuin is the star turtle (Chelys galactica) that supports the four elephants that carry the disc.

Sex unknown, the turtle's shell is methane-frosted and encrusted with craters showing the places where asteroids have hit. It is the only animal that knows exactly where it is going as it swims through space eating stars.

First debuting in 'The Colour Of Magic', the turtle is the first character on the first page of the first book of the Discworld novels, and is also the first involved in a joke when Terry Pratchett explains the 'Big Bang' theory.

Merely a geographical object in the first book, A'Tuin becomes more important in 'The Light Fantastic', where it is heading directly toward a red star that could mean the world's destruction.


-NAME: The Great A'Tuin (the star turtle)


-FIRST APPEARANCE: The Colour Of Magic (1985) Book I

-AFFILIATES: Berilia, Tubul, Great T'Phon, Jerakeen (The Four Elephants)

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