Inconsequential Speech Parsing Errors

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Humans sometimes make errors when parsing spoken sentences, and do so more frequently when they attempt to interpret the lyrics of songs voiced by popular artists. A long and interesting article could be written in which these errors, their causes and consequences are discussed.

However, a much shorter and far less interesting article could also be written discussing situations in which parsing errors occur, but are of no consequence whatsoever. This is just such an article.

Consider, for example, the following sentences:

  • "See you later on"
  • "See you later, Ron"

Now, provided that the person one is talking to is called Ron, it is clear that it is utterly irrelevant which of these sentences he believes he has heard. The meaning conveyed is exactly the same.

The existence of further inconsequential parsing errors is for further study. As someone 1 once said: "Parsing is such sweet sorrow".

1It may have been me

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