Just Who the Heck Are the Core Team?

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Just Who the Heck Are the Core Team?

An introduction to that elusive bunch of people you keep referring to as 'they', as in 'They really ought to fix that.'

The Core Team are the volunteers who do their best to keep the site running along with Robbie and Brian, who are the owners. The Core Team have varied a bit over the years, depending on availability. They're a talented bunch, but shy. A recent request for information has led to them hiding in bunkers and behind asteroids, but the Post Editor has managed to chase them down and wring confessions out of them. Here's a brief lineup of the culprits.

What do they do? We'll tell you. In addition to their day-to-day activities on behalf of the site, Core Team members meet twice a month, virtually, to report and discuss and make decisions about h2g2. Do you have any idea how hard it is to coordinate across time zones? On any given Sunday evening, UK time, Robbie's either in London or Wales or Kuala Lumpur or whatever. I'm trying to get back to my desk from behind a church piano in Hooverville. Milla might be on a train in Scandinavia, while Superfrenchie's rushing back home from Normandy, say, Sasha's emerging from a duck blind (photographing, not shooting!), and Tavaron's trying to keep the kids from participating (they're super typists).

Here's something from our most recent minutes:

Robbie: This is a truly brilliant article (shares article). I think Douglas would have loved it. It matters as we think about human embodiment and the puddle paradox.

Sasha: Very interesting - reminds me of something I heard about ants - some of them are leaders who make decisions, and others follow, so if the leaders are removed, the followers just follow each other round in a circle.

Robbie: Funny you should say that, Sasha. (Shares article called 'Collective Consciousness: Ants, mushrooms, bees, humans - Hybrid Creature Narratives'.)

Milla: Very interesting things, minds!

Robbie: Well, we have started! Sasha, do you have stats?

It gets weirder from there.

One of the items discussed at last meeting was the request that we introduce ourselves. I include myself here, although if you're reading this and don't know me by now you must be terminally confused. Anyway, they promised me their biographical sketches, and then scarpered, so I had to pursue them with forks and hope, but I finally nagged them into it, so here they are.

The Core Team 2021
Robbie Stamp: CEO. (Seen here swimming the Channel.) Well…. I am one of the original Founders of h2g2 along with Douglas waaaay back in the 'dial up' internet world of the late 1990's. I do some work on Artificial Intelligence, frequently citing Marvin and Douglas' famous "Parable of the Puddle" as a way of exploring humility. I am in awe of what we have managed to keep going all these years, a site held together with love and sticking plaster. I am in awe of and grateful beyond measure to the Core Team and the Volunteers. We may be a small site on the less fashionable side of a planet in an unregarded part of the internet but we are still lit by our original principles and there are plans….. maybe we should not let Facebook own the metaverse….Robbie Stamp about to swim the English Channel in summer
SashaQ: (Towel and Shadow.) Guide Editor and honorary member with responsibility for the monthly stats reports and other geeky stuff. Usually found somewhere in England with camera and/or Ford Prefect notebook in hand.Sasha's towel
Superfrenchie: Generally Useful French Person. (This is her towel, storming a Normandy beach.) Superfrenchie lives in Northeastern France, and started her h2g2 volunteer career as an ACE. When the ACEs were disbanded, she jumped on the Core Team bandwagon, and has been there since. Superfrenchie's towel
Tavaron Da Quirm: Art Editor. (Paparazzi captured her at a Meet.) Tavaron lives in Austria and works as an architect. She has small children, a cat, a dog and a large garden where she likes to take photos (as you know from the Post). Tavaron at a meet
Milla Ops. (Showing off her towel.) Milla lives in Sweden, with a partner from Hawaii, and her children have moved out. For h2g2, she takes minutes at Core Team meetings, and likes to write down requirements for the site, what functionality it should provide and how that should work. She is a system administrator at her day job too, and enjoys that.Milla on Towel Day
Dmitri Gheorgheni: Post Editor and professional troublemaker. (Guards the Post Office, only owns metaphorical shotguns.) Has lived in many different places in the US and Europe, but currently dwells in a small town in Pennsylvania nestled in the northern Appalachians, with a view of small towns, farmland, and the occasional Amish buggy. Plays piano and organ, stirs up mischief.Cartoon of a man talking to the Editor, who is a bewhiskered old coot with a shotgun

There we are. There are other people who keep this site running: Brian and his tech team, who are too busy doing the actual work to be interviewed here, the Guide Editors, who besides SashaQ are Bluebottle and Galaxy Babe, and the Moderation Team, who are like the NSA and MI6 and refuse to confirm or deny their own existence. Special mention goes to Freewayriding, our jack-of-all-trades artist whose photoshop skills are beyond comparison.

We hope this introduction has been, if not enlightening, at least reassuring. The lunatics are, indeed, running the asylum.

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