Create Challenge, October 2021: Your Personal Blooper Reel

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Create Challenge, October 2021: Your Personal Blooper Reel

Create Challenge October 2021 by Freewayriding

Do you like to watch blooper reels from your favourite television shows? Does it amuse you to see professional actors mess up and collapse in hilarity with their coworkers? Of course, those bloopers are outtakes: they don't end up in the show. As they used to say in the days of film and videotape, they'd 'end up on the cutting-room floor.'

Do you sometimes wish life was like that? Do you wish your personal bloopers could be set aside and not become part of your life history? But maybe, just maybe, the mistakes were funny. Maybe they'd make good outtakes. Would you like to share a hit or two from your personal blooper reel?

Here's an example to show you what we mean. It comes from FWR. (We assume his wife is okay with this.)

Shopping today at one of those busy out of town places. Sunny for a change, so even busier than usual.

My wife pulled into a car park space, noticed the car next to her was slightly over the bay lines, so backed up a little and gave a bit more room between us and them.

She also noticed the lady in the car staring at her as she manoeuvred. Really staring. A proper stare.

The car in front of us then moved off, so, thinking it'd be easier to drive out rather than back out in the busy car park, my wife starts the engine again and moves slowly forwards. The lady was still staring at her.

We moved into the next bay. My wife notices the lady has alighted from her car and is standing, door open, still staring.

As our car engine stops and we prepare to get out, the lady comes up to my wife's window, still staring at her.

My normally calm, cool and collected missus rolls her window down and bellows,


Fortunately the staring lady must've been a little hard of hearing ….OK very hard of hearing...she smiles and says,

"I was just looking at your earrings, lovely the way they catch the sunlight, quite beautiful, they really are mesmerising!"


As you see, the Create Team are willing to put their money where their mouths are. How about you? Send us your blooper reel highlights!

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