Create Challenge, September 2021: Back to School

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Create Challenge, September 2021: Back to School

Create Challenge September 2021 by Freewayriding

For some of us, September is the start of the new school year. Seeing the school children making their way to school brings back memories, and it is easy to grumble: 'School was harder in my day.' Do you remember school uniforms, leather satchels and desks arranged in straight lines? Were there chalkboards and ink in wells, or computers with sophisticated graphics? Was your school in a log cabin/tent/yurt/Quonset hut, or was a deluxe layout with a natatorium? Were there metal detectors or just disapproving hall monitors?

Tell us about your schooldays.

  • What languages did you learn? Did you learn Latin and Greek? French, German or Spanish? Was Russian or English the required subject? (And did you learn it?)
  • Did your favourite teacher inspire you with a love of literature or a fascination with geology? Who was your most memorable teacher?
  • Did you love school sports or loathe them? Did you have a golf team or a rifle team? Were balls involved?
  • What about school dinners/lunches? Were they barely edible or the tastiest meal of the day? Or did you bring packed lunches? What was the most unusual lunch item in your part of the world?
  • Did you make friendships which lasted the rest of your life? Or were you eager to forget your fellow students?
  • Do movies about schools fill you with nostalgia, or stir feelings of regret? Would you consider returning for a reunion, ever?
  • Are there stories about your schooldays which you are prepared to share? Pranks you played? Unforgettable events?

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