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Posted: 28th June 2021

Summer Delight

Columbine in Post Office garden.

As the long days are upon us, and possibly the hot ones, too – I speak here of the northern hemisphere, although we are a planetary undertaking, and Willem is still wearing his winter gear – we get lots and lots of photos of flowers, fruit, and birds doing things. (Just wait for next week's gossipy tell-all, 'Birds Behaving Badly'.) Please to find some really amazing pics this week.

Like Caiman Raptor Elk's. Last week, a bird flew right at Galaxy Babe's camera. This week, Caiman observes the antics of the cherry-picking pigeons of the Netherlands. He says he didn't get a single one of those cherries. The birds ate them all. At least he got to laugh at them trying to perch on the slender branches. He calls his photoessay 'Cherry Go Round'.

Lots of others things to read, see, watch, and listen to:
  • Tavaron got a surprise in her garden: x-rated moth activity. Like a good Researcher, she took a picture instead of telling them to get a room.
  • Galaxy Babe's been watching NASA TV. She passes on a breathtaking snapshot.
  • Solnushka bought some luscious strawberries. Meanwhile, I'm still watching the apples grow. FWR has roses, and there are still irises and peonies to be seen. To our astonishment, there are green petunias. (Thanks, Kitkat!)
  • A bunny ran across a road in Pennsylvania and only got its picture taken. Some foxes showed up around a bird bath, somewhere in England. Water birds frolic on the Wirral.
  • Hoggetts' new horse Whisper has sure made Ricky a lot happier. We have a video. Paigetheoracle is the proud godfather of a whole lot of tadpoles. Superfrenchie got her second shot, and FWR spotted some magpies who appear to be Covid-compliant.
  • Willem has an astonishing painting to show you. Bluebottle has comic fun. Awix has something to say, and so do I. There's music in the rain.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember to point the camera away from you. We don't want selfies.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality, and eventually in one's own.

Susan Sontag

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