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Posted: 27th March 2023

Mysteries, Leftovers, and Harbingers

A shaft of sunlight in a cloudy sky.

The world is beautiful and weird and don't we know it. In some places in the northern hemisphere, there are signs of spring even while winter lingers on and refuses to go away even when we yell at it. Today, it's sunny outside the Post Office after several days of intermittent snow. Temperatures on Sunday morning were so low I put on my flannel-lined jeans. Now it's 3°C, practically shirtsleeve weather in western Pennsylvania. So it goes.

You'll be sure to enjoy these images and oddities from different spots on the planet. Willem has a drop-dead gorgeous shrike to show you. He'll explain why it's called a 'spookvogel'. Mysteries abound in the north of Scotland, one of which is how Paigetheoracle sees so many weird things. (Hint: his new dog keeps his eye to the ground.)

Still in the market for a new recipe? Paulh tells you how to make beef stew. This is a bad issue for vegans: FWR makes it worse by showing us more taxidermy. We can't help it. If we see it, we take a picture. The same goes for all the skeletons. We need a forensic archaeologist around here, stat.

Signs of spring include beautiful flowers in the foothills of the Alps, and frogspawn in Scottish waters. Don't wrinkle your nose: frogs are citizens of this planet, too. We welcome more of them.

Find out why it took Buster Keaton two years to make that movie. Explore the wildly imaginative worlds of Bluebottle, FWR, Tavaron, Paulh, Caiman Raptor Elk, SashaQ and your Post Editor. Strange doings abound. Some plots even advance, marginally.

Be generous and laugh at our jokes. Try the quiz. Leave nice comments. Have a good week, remember to take your cameras with you, and dress appropriately for the weather, even if you have to do it in 15-minute segments.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: 'Residents hope the next sister city comes with a Google search.'

– CBSNewYork on Newark, New Jersey's 'sister city' agreement with the imaginary Hindu nation of Kailasa
Kids (human) milking a goat.

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Fred and Karl

Fred the tortoise.


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Late Snow

Late snow, by FWR.


We Need an Archaeologist
Bones on the beach, whose, we don't know, by Paigetheoracle.
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