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Posted: 12th April 2021

Accommodating Nature

Violets by Tavaron. Spring is definitely here in the northern hemisphere, and Willem says things are pretty nice down south. He's running around looking at wildlife, and so are we. Over at the Hoggett Egg Farm and Petting Zoo, the spring chicks have arrived. Sasha has seen (and photographed) a robin. So yeah, we're feeling pretty good about the natural world right about now.

I chose the title 'Accommodating Nature' because it has two meanings in the context of this week's issue. Nature is being accommodating: displaying itself in all its hopeful new beauty. But h2g2 Researchers have been making accommodations to nature, too. You'll see what I mean when you study the photos and watch the videos. There's some give-and-take going on.

Here's a quick preview:

  • Do you like voles? I do, and Caiman does. See what he's done to give them a break.
  • Speaking of thoughtful: Websailor must be the Badger Goddess. I swear there are more badgers in her garden every time we look. She's improved their infrastructure, too.
  • Willem's got a turtle to show you, and some stunning landscape. Well, I was stunned.
  • Superfrenchie strolled out to the neighbourhood Neolithic dolmen, as one does, I suppose, and sent us pics. One is of a non-Neolithic bug. You won't see that in NatGeo.
  • Hoggetts let the kitties peek at the peeps, but not touch. I have video. Sasha has a celebration of birds that wins this week's wildlife award.
  • Something that's not natural? Oh, sure. Awix answers the question, Is cinema going to the dogs?' I have thoughts about odd things, no surprise there. Paigetheoracle, FWR, and MVP all have ideas about forests and trees. One story will amuse you, one depress you, and one possibly inspire you. I leave you to guess who did what. (Gmail whined, 'We can't be sure that's Paige, please be careful!' I said, 'I'd recognise that style anywhere.' Make of it what you will.)

Note: please give the April Create challenge a try. The Team want your thoughts on not seeing the woods (forest) for the trees. I know: I said that last week. But they really mean it.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) May your days be filled with sunshine and no viruses of any kind.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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