Vienna 1880 - 7 Going out

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This evening, after the last guests had gone home, Elisabeth and Georg left cleaning up the café to the staff and went up to their apartment. While the children got served supper by Maria, Elisabeth and Georg changed into better clothes. They said goodnight to their children and left the house.

The sun had already set and because of the clouded sky it was already quite dark. The gas lanterns cast their warm light on the street and the surrounding houses. The cobblestones were wet from the snow and there were still people in the street. The air smelled of fat and sugar from a nearby bakery for Krapfen, which were currently in season. They were round balls of yeast dough fried in lots of fat. Often they were filled with jam -. cherry was Elisabeth's favourite.

They passed two small taverns, which were crammed full with people. You could hear the merry noises through the door. When it opened the smell of smoke and frying fat streamed out on the street. Many workers were now in search of a cheap and filling evening meal after a long day in the factories. Many of them did not have their own apartment, leave alone a kitchen. They were dependent on getting a meal out of house. Later many of them would pay for a bed for a few hours.

Elisabeth and Georg entered the main street, which connected the suburb with the inner city on one side and the villages on the other side. It was wide, with many new, high houses on both sides. The shops which occupied muchof the space at street level were already closed and dark.

Elisabeth and Georg were just in time to see the tramway arrive, the horses' bells were ringing from afar. The closed wagon they used in winter was already quite full. Elisabeth and Georg got in at the nearest stop and chose a space in the non-smoking compartment.

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