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Troll under bridge

Joe Tunn smiled to himself, pulling his matted fur collar closer against the gorgeously damp cold.

A quick re-read to ensure he had been as upsetting as he possibly could (and Odin knew he could be positively vile on a good day) and allowed his tail to hover deliciously over the enter key.

Joe allowed himself a moment of reflection, just to make sure his intended slurs were totally unjustified.

The article had been quite well-written, punctuation a little off, but, on the whole, quite a witty piece of writing.

He'd enjoy this one. His prehensile tail circled with a flourish before gleefully hitting send.

By the Allfather, Joe loved the Web, and, as his dear old wickedly horrible mother used to say, every Web needs a spider!

Something to prey on the weak and unaware, someone to torment and injure, someone to devour the hopes and dreams of the potentially talented.

Why create when it was easier (and a lot more fun) to destroy?

Why be polite and supportive, when a few well-placed lines of ugliness could demonstrate your superior wit and intellect?

Why appreciate someone's efforts when a link to other, better works could sting and wound delightfully?

Why wait for the unaware to cross his fetid path, when the Internet provided billions of unsuspecting targets?

His laptop binged cheerfully.

Oh good! He snarled at the perfectly nice image, well composed, nice light, lovely tones… his fangs dribbled acid into his beards, YupYup, he'd have fun ripping this one to bits!

Yes, Joe loved the Web, loved being needlessly vicious and cruel, loved the damp aloneness in which he existed, loved feeling superior to countless souls he'd never even meet, Joe Tunn, above all else, absolutely loved being a troll.

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