Public Art in My Hometown of Bosch

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Public Art in My Hometown of Bosch

I live in the beautiful but probably unpronounceable city of 's-Hertogenbosch. Yes, that's the one the famous Hieronimus Bosch was hailing from. A lot has happened since then. Apart from the 50 Bossche Bol houses. (Bossche bollen are also the local cream-filled, chocolate-covered spherical pastries, that can by definition not be eaten with dignity). To round the budget to an even number, these brush-shaped benches were added to the surrounding park. The deeper meaning of the brushes is lost in time. Alas, it is Art, so why bother anyway ... Further across the water feature, a lying red cross was planted for no apparent reason (maybe the artist was cross he didn't get the prime location of those stupid brushes) , although it is much more inviting to use as a climbing installation.

Brush-shaped benchesUseless Table
Brush with the Future
Useless Table

Moving slightly back toward the city centre, more serious Art is being committed. The Chairdow is the first bit of instantly recognisable Art. Some thought and effort seems to have been put in it. Apparently, the blue white black geometry puzzle, named "Object", does indeed stir emotions of objection in me. Do you agree that the scaffolding actually improves the subject matter?


Then, finally, something colourful, named "Rainbow". Luckily, it has just had its recurring paint job done. My youngest called it a looping, but I did point out that using it as such would be painful, given the course it takes. Junior agrees. At the lake, you can find one incarnation of the "Bossche Benkskes", a project where neighbourhoods could design their own concrete bench. In this case it is themed to be LGTB friendly, with a bright rainbow on the seating bit and the two and a half wo/men at the back.


Further down the park you are met with the stainless-steel mafia. The first one is called "no title" which I find rather lazy, so we will henceforth call it "Swanmp". The "Useless Table" is actually called "stainless steel art" which I find only marginally better than "no title" (someone got paid for that, for crying out loud).

Two and a Half WomenSwanmp
Two and a Half Women

The last and probably best piece of art, I will call "Oliphauntslide". (actually, that is just the slide in the nearest playground).


So, that was all I could find within a 45-minute afternoon walk.

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