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Posted: 3rd August 2020

Look at the Way We Glide

Seagull in Flight by Freewayriding
Look at the way I glide

Caught on the wind's lazy tide...

– Neil Diamond, 'Skybird'

We all wish we could fly these days: get up above it all. Sometimes, the world really is too much with us, the while we are in physical retreat from its more concrete threats. We may not possess the elementary means of locomotion available to the simplest drone (or the batteries), but we do have something at our disposal that may turn out to be even more useful: our imaginations.

This issue's full of imagination: ideas and stories. Art, photography, prose, poetry. Moods and observations. Thoughts to lift those wings. New ways to see the world. Brits, admit it: most of you think seagulls are merely annoying. You don't see them for the wonders they are. Let those of us who live far from the coastlines of the planet explain that when FWR shows us these birds, we stare. To us, they are exotic.
Dreyfus once wrote from Devil's Island that he would see the most glorious birds. Many years later in Brittany he realized they had only been seagulls...

Colin Higgins, Harold and Maude

Come see what we've got for you this week:
Marmalade advert with cross baby from 1920
  • Mysteries in nature: The bug and flower of the week need identifying. See what you know about the sex lives of hummingbirds. Follow Willem on a winter herping trek and be amazed. Take a freeze-frame look at a flying seagull. When you're tired of bugs, flowers, and the usual tree with something weird in it (thanks, Paige!), watch the moon video. Then let Robbie Stamp put you to bed with a good-night poem.
  • Not sleepy yet? Enjoy the weird signs, even when they are ambiguous about the Wirral. The Isle of Wight comes in for scrutiny, too, and turns out to be the woke-est place in the UK, bar none. No need to throw any statues in the Solent.
  • Fictional fun. It's still in the cards, Desideria's still torturing a bicycle thief, and the random rant is randomly ranting and chanting. Cartoons are there to make you laugh, so do that.
  • If you get hungry, Galaxy Babe and FWR will make you want to go for a snack. GB shares her recipe trick.
  • There's a cinema mental health warning and a writing tip, and things to caption and talk about.
Next week, bugs'n'slugs. (Other things, too.) Send us your Stuff! And have a good week!

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Quote of the Week:   Our own strategy was to flood areas to stop an invasion. That would have worked up to the invention of flying.

– Caiman Raptor Elk

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Nature Gets a Break

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Dmitri Gheorgheni

Mars Boarding Pass

Winter Herping
in Venda

Campsite by Willem



Rise of the Killer Gulls

Thug Seagulls by FWR


Birthday Cake by FWR


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