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Posted: 6th July 2020

Things to Do While Waiting for the Apocalypse

Rainbow by FWR
Anybody born before 1993 only knows how to… [something destructive, bad, or disapproved of by poster, who is (count on it!) exactly 27 years old.]

Reply on Twitter: At least my generation had the grace to extend the acceptable age to 30.

Are we laughing? Well, we're looking at that with what the old-time Germans used to call 'one laughing and one crying eye'. (Yes, Tav, I've heard people say that. Usually before they give somebody a going-away toast.) It seems that, once again, the world's messed up and it's somebody else's fault.

We won't argue about the messed-up part. The global pandemic didn't cause all of the problems. It just made more of them obvious to more people. Were these problems a long time brewing? Yes, yes, they were. Is it way past time to take a look at them? Oh, yes, indeed, it is. Tell you what: while we're busy not running around in circles, or heading to the beach, hairdresser's, stadium, or pub, why don't we spend some of this enforced downtime thinking? Einstein said it was a hobby of his.

Here are some suggestions about what to do while we're waiting for the apocalypse – or at least, for the virus to go away:
Flower Pot People by SF
  • Take up a hobby. You might learn something. Willem studies extinct creatures, among other wildlife. He'll tell you about the hyaenodon this week. Superfrenchie found all these wonderful pot people in a village in France. We decided it was an interesting public art project. Tavaron took another look at the ancient Romans in her neighbourhood.
  • Appreciate the natural world. Whether it's the slug on Paigetheoracle's glass door, the lightning over the Wirral again, that robin in my backyard, or the wildflowers growing everywhere, we tend to agree with Wordsworth, who thought that taking in nature in this way would lead to 'little, nameless, unremembered, acts of kindness and of love.' We won't guarantee it, but we think well of you if you share your photos.
  • Drink in the weirdness. Voice your thoughts. MMF found a 'wild Covid' in Kew Gardens the other day. Superfrenchie observed spiritual social distancing at church. I found a truly weird speech from 1902 that is relevant to current social media discussions. So it goes.
  • Make music. All God's children got a place in the choir. Bang the spoons. We have musical videos for you: SashaQ brings us a tango, while FWR plays sound guy for a promising new band. Appreciate.
  • Enjoy the Post. We have streaming cinema from our stir-crazy reviewer, a quiz, some stuff to caption, cartoons, comics, and an ongoing story by Reefgirl that has one reviewer exclaiming, 'I am involved!' Part 2 this week.

As always, stay safe, Hitchhikers. Don't trust any Vogons, and be nice to Dentrassis so they'll give you handouts. If you see anything, take a picture and send it to us. Have a good week!

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Flower Pot People

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Wild Covid
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