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Posted: 27th April 2020

Weird, and Occasionally Wonderful

Moon by DG
Sitting in a tree,
The moon was seen.

Deliberately misplaced modifier in an old English textbook (1960s)

No, the Post Editor wasn't sitting in the tree. Nor was the moon. But the last supermoon was so spectacular, we took out the video camera and went to record the miracle. You can see that video this week, along with Good Friday's completely unnecessary snowfall (it wasn't the last, friends, oh no, indeed), and an even more arctic video by Phred Firecloud. Phred's is utterly amazing, involving as it does him and Mrs Phred kayaking among the icebergs up north. Not, needless to say, at this very moment, but at a felicitous past time in which we were not all hunkered down dodging virus vectors and misinformation.

You will get no misinformation from us, at least not about scientific or medical facts. Whether our philosophy is as sound is open to question. There are two book discussions in this issue. Also, I make some dodgy claims about reality in my writing column, but you're used to that.
Moonrise by DG
We really have gone quirky this week. Factoid Fred makes climate observations, using Scotland as a visual aid. We have two quizzes: one involves guest film reviewers from Amazon. Awix is back, of course, with films he watched at home. Amy's cat's gone spooky, and Paige is redecorating the neighbourhood with found art. The Loch Ness Monster has been sighted on land, and Freewayriding's tulips turned black, though still beautiful. Cactuscafé is finding the bananas on her balcony photogenic, and Tavaron is taking health advice from the kids' toys. In short, the world's a madhouse, even without the cartoons adding to it.

In other words, in a topsy-turvy world, we just lean into the wind and ride out the madness, hoping to leaven the mix with humour and goodwill. Please treat one another kindly. Start friendly discussion. Send me more Stuff. I'm enjoying it. And have a blessed, cheerful, and above all safe week out there, friends!

Quote of the Week:
For a couple of years, for my sister and me, our Lent effort has been not having fast food. I can safely say that lockdown has really helped, this year.


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Socially Disancing Stuffed Animals by Tavaron
Mr Squirrel and Miss Bunny say:
Be Polite!
Socially Distance!

Create May 2020 by Freewayriding
May Create Challenge:
If I Could
Share Your Thoughts

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Tulip Colour

Tulips by FWR




Buds by DG


Cat with Laser Eyes by Amy P

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