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Posted: 13th April 2020

The Flowers That Bloom

New buds against a blue sky
The flowers that bloom in the spring, Tra la [nicer in the neighbours' garden, of course]

Breathe promise of merry sunshine [except when it's raining],

As we merrily dance and we sing, Tra la [always observing safe social distancing]

We welcome the hope that they bring [that time will pass and the pandemic be over]...

WS Gilbert

Spring does appear to have sprung in the northern hemisphere. Which would be more delightful if we were free to gambol about in it. Our hearts go out to our fellow humans who are stuck in this emergency without easy access to a park or meadow. To this end, our contributors have shared whatever bits of spring they can find. Anything to gladden the eye is welcome in this time where anxiety and tedium gnaw at the fringes of our sanity. Hang in there, friends, and dream with us of better days to come.

Our writers, artists, humourists, photographers and general lunatics have outdone themselves this week, trying to:
  • Help you spend that downtime and use up all that toilet paper. Tavaron has an Easter-related home project the kids will like. Paigetheoracle waxes artistic with what, alas, are fast becoming ordinary household objects. C'est la vie.
  • Get you to embrace the weirdness. Whether it's Caiman's chocolate moonscape or the Vogons relabeling the crosswalk, you're sure to find something to tickle that place in the back of your brain. You know the one: that place that reminds you there's an electronic thumb in your bathrobe pocket. Share and enjoy.
  • Watch cinema you might normally avoid. One thing we're learning from the lockdown: the movies Awix chooses to see, as opposed to what happens to be on at the cinema, are even weirder than the usual selection. Try out these science fiction goodies.
  • Encourage your brain activity. Try the picture quiz. Caption the photo. Add quips. Mull over a short story from a 'little magazine' from a hundred years ago. Learn something, share something. It's kind of our 'take a penny, leave a penny' jar.
  • Put you in a seasonal mood. New Zealand has officially declared the Easter Bunny to be an essential worker. Tavaron has beautifully decorated eggs. Chippy the chipmunk is back and has declared him/herself essential, too.
  • Remind you that laughter is a medicine. It may not kill viruses, but it can chase away the gloom for a while. Share with your friends. Heck, share with your enemies: it's the human thing to do.

Be careful when you must go out. Be kind to your housemates. Listen to your cats and dogs. They have wisdom to impart, even if it's only in a soft look and a snuggle. Have the best of weeks, friends.

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Cat on a picnic table
Be like the dandelion!
Observe safe spacing!
Social distancing=Staying hoopy!

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