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Posted: 3rd February 2020

Cross-Quarter Amusements

Night Sky by SashaQ

Is there no song
To touch this moving universe of law?

Alfred Noyes, 'Watchers of the Sky'

What's that you say? Another NASA photo? Not a bit of it! That's h2g2's own SashaQ. Read about it in this week's issue of the h2g2 Post, your go-to venue for updates on our researches into Life, the Universe, and Everything. The quote above is featured in our Literary Corner video, which does involve NASA collaboration. We keep looking at the sky around here, and wishing we had electronic thumbs, because, frankly, we don't like what we're hearing on the news, which, let's face it, does not involve hoopy froods doing cool things. Also, while Willem's enjoying flowers and such, those of us in the northern hemisphere are sick and tired of snow and muck. Speaking of which…

Groundhog in Post Office Garden, by Dmitri Gheorgheni
Update on Groundhog Prognostication: The top-hatted Inner Circle in Punxsutawney have stood out in the snow on Gobbler's Knob, held up a fat rodent, and proclaimed with authority that we will have an early spring. The head Top Hat then suggested jocularly that everybody take their coats off. Much laughter, as it was snowing and -1°C. From your mouth to God's ear, Phil.
My forecast on a day that's a palindrome

Will cause some to cheer, and some to moan,

So do I hope you think it's neighbourly?

There is no shadow of me!

Spring will be early, it's a certainty!

Phil the Groundhog, or his Punxsy amanuensis.

More Cool Stuff in this week's issue:
  • Beautiful, beautiful nature, from the awesome Schalow's Turaco to a cheeky stingray. Check them all out.
  • Stuff to laugh at. Comics, fiction, cartoons, and a musical complaint about the weather.
  • A quiz, Awix on cinema, and other stuff to make you think, whether you want to or not. Don't miss the writing column – I hardly ever say that, but you might want to see why I started in on literary analysis, only to find myself making a potholder. (Elektra liked the potholder, anyway, even if you don't like the advice, so that's something.)
  • More awesome black-and-white photography. Those experts had better show up this time. These photographers deserve better than Editorial maundering. Let them know you admire.
  • A new literary genre. (New to us, anyway.) The graphic condensed book. Come see what I did to William Golding. No, not 'Lord of the Flies'. See if this inspires you to join the crib sheet comics generation.
  • An all-new Create Challenge. February's topic is 'Stranger in a Familiar Land'. Are your neighbours aliens? Could you describe your neighbours to aliens? Take a look at your surroundings from a different point of view. Paigetheoracle starts us off with a photo essay and some local exploration.

Please read and comment. Keep warm/cool/dry/whatever is appropriate. Have a great week!

Quote of the Week:   …there is a moral inherent in any damn thing you write that has a dramatic point.

Theodore Geisel

Create February 2020 by Freewayriding
February Create Challenge:
Stranger in a Familiar Land
Be a Tour Guide to the Domestically Strange!

Dmitri Gheorgheni




Night Fountain

Fountain at Night by Mrs McGillicuddy


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