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Posted: 27th January 2020

Hopes, Fears, Laughter, Tears

Tigers Spotted This Way by Freewayriding

I was terribly disappointed. They were all striped.


So it goes, sometimes. The world is often not as advertised. Our contributors have been all over it recently, however, and found the most surprising things. While Freewayriding was at Chester Zoo, taking (he reassures me) 'only about 600 photos', Willem was out in the countryside around Polokwane snapping the flowers that grew in profusion once the summer rains came. Meanwhile, in Moscow, Solnushka was touring a weird house. Paigetheoracle continues to find rare sights up in Scotland, and Sasha's seen a lot of birds this year in the UK. Closer to home, some of us have been observing our four-footed friends indoors. (I dunno about you, but at -10° C, I'm not up to much wandering around. Especially with the snow outside the Post Office.)

Farmer Hoggett's Therapy Cat, Naomi, by Mrs Hoggett
Remember: All of this is real. None of these photos have been faked in any way. Okay, we did take a few arty black-and-white pictures, but those are real arty black-and-white pictures. The elephants aren't paid actors – well, they work for peanuts – and that's a real package of Mini-Stollen under glass. In other words, you're getting the real, genuine, authentic Earth experience here. Accept no substitutes.

This is the last week for you to tell us about your fears. Send them on in, we'll run them in February. This week, we have two confessions and a short story. So far, the spiders are ahead by one in the phobia contest.

Please read and comment. Try the quiz. Let the cartoonists know you care. Don't miss the comedy video, which is dedicated to Bluebottle (you'll see why). Remember to send us Stuff – this is the greatest compendium of actual interesting material on the internet. (And no selfies, imagine that.) Have a great week!

Quote of the Week:   'Many of the people you know, and perhaps yourself, have thoughts undisturbed by science.'
Leon J. Pollom, 'Now, Then, Pittsburgh'.

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Castle Doors

Castle Doors by Tavaron


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