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Odd Jobs: Answers

Here are the answers to the quiz.

  1. Physicist Albert Einstein
  2. Singer Elvis Presley
  3. Composer George Gershwin
  4. Singer/songwriter Don McLean
  5. Novelist and h2g2 Founder Douglas Adams
  6. Singer Perry Como
  7. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
  8. US President Abraham Lincoln
  9. Novelist Mark Twain
  10. Mystery Writer Dorothy Sayers
  • Patent examiner
  • Truck driver
  • Song plugger
  • Newspaper carrier
  • Chicken shed cleaner
  • Barber
  • Research chemist
  • Postmaster
  • Steamboat pilot
  • Advertising copywriter

Have you had any odd jobs? Tell us about them.

Students doing a variety of menial tasks, including toilet cleaning, dish washing and floor sweeping.
Someday, I'll write a great novel..
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