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Posted: 11th February 2019

As Far as the Eye Can See

A cake that is a snake, baked by Mrs FWR and photographed by her husband
You can eat this snake.
It is not a Möbius strip.

The Editor used to be an instructor of languages and literatures, once upon a time. Students ranged from 5 years old to 75, and lived on two continents, and came from all over the planet. The little kids and old people weren't the problem: it's those pesky college students that will drive you nuts. One of them once summed up their attitude when coming into class: 'Oh, no, it's going to get weird again.' Just because I was making 'volunteers' hand out strips of paper, pieces of tape, and rounded scissors (borrowed from the kindergarten). Well, they learned how to make a Möbius strip, didn't they? So what if it was Latin 101? You can't learn about Möbius strips in Latin 101?

This week, children, you will learn about many things: snake cakes and tritylodonts, birds in trees and dachshunds in car washes, mysteries of houses and paper swans...we show you fear in a handful of flour, we show you love in a shop window... you get the idea.
Providence in a Sparrow
There is art in here. Poetry. Humour. Speculation. Assertion. Questioning. Images, still and moving. Even a little music. After all, that's what we're about: examining Life, the Universe, and Everything by any means at our disposal. Like an online Möbius strip, we suppose. We're so contorted, we probably pass through at least four dimensions.

Read, comment, share. Contribute. How's your Groundhog Day oeuvre shaping up? You know where to send it.

Now, go read this issue, and prepare to have your minds twisted.

And have a good week!

Quotes of the Week:The ancient art of Pung Shu Ai Shun.

Freewayriding, complaining about the Editor again.

Food that pretends to be something that it is not makes me highly suspicious, like tofu sausages and meat-less schnitzel. Nothing good can come from it.


Cloudscape with Ducky by Caimanraptorelk
Here is proof that I saw the bird in SashaQ's cloudscape last week. Just wondering why I would need to have eagle-eyed sight to see that...


REMINDER: Our new book, Colours of Wildlife: An Artist's Celebration of Biodiversity, by Willem, can still be ordered from Lulu. You know you want this.

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