Post Quiz: Communication, h2g2 Style

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Post Quiz: Communication, h2g2 Style

Look at the pictures. Read the text. Fill in the blanks.

1.Elvis in an Hawaiian shirt Return to ______.
2.Identical cartoon faces. Learn to read _________ expressions.
3.The Queen prepares for her annual speech in 1996._______ communication.
4.Mo Mowlam revisits Churchill's famous 'victory' gesture for the 'Great Britons' BBC TV series.____-________ communication.
5.A woman standing behind an open book________ language.
6.A man using a mobile phone in the early 1980s Nobody home? Leave a __________.
7.Lovely woman putting in a contact lens; going cross-eyed and winking Making _______ ________.
8.A show girl, a sad clown and a happy harlequin all sat on a sofa waiting to go in to the manager's office Communicate effectively at an ____________.
9.A woman dressed in flowing robes performs an arabic dance. Body _________: another form of communication.
10.George Bush and Tony Blair shake hands. In communication, the goal is to reach ___________.

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