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The Weather Forum antics - the revenge of the mildies - fans of mild weather

The mild weather fans on the weather forum, were not having any talk of cold weather and were praising all the international weather models predications of a wild, wet and windy winter. All they want is was hours and hours of heavy rain that lasted 12 hours or more and hurricane strength winds. They wanted to have strong polar winds, and the jet stream going through the Ireland and the British Isles. They wanted temperatures to be at least 17 Celsius with no sunshine along with overcast skies with nimbus clouds that only brought very heavy bouts of rain. They wanted to have humidity to be at least 98% and the UV highest level to be at 1. This would be their set default winter weather which had lots of lovely strong westerly winds and did not even want to see sleet.

At the weather model conversation threads, they would spend their time ramping up mild weather forecasts and would get very excited when the weather models predicted mild and wild weather as it would be there perfect setting for Yuletide as they want to have a green Yule/Christmas. They did not want to see a strong sudden stratospheric warming as they wanted to the stratosphere temperatures to be very cold.

The weather forum mild weather fans even would wrote to the newspapers editors both national and local with their predictions of mild and warmer than normal autumn/winter temperatures. The mildies would say that it would be more milder than the very strong El Nino year of 2014 and more wetter and windier. Even though forecasts have predicted that there is going to be a weak El Nino, they were going to put their predication as though it was a very strong El Nino. There will be heavy bursts of rain as far North as the Northern Isles down to Scilly Isles and will cover the whole of Ireland and the British Isles. There will be a very deep low pressure churning over Ireland and the British Isles. On their weather chart that they produced, they had very tight isobars and is forecasted to have exceptionally strong SW winds of 95 miles per hour with gusts of 120 mph, even in the lowland areas of Ireland and London/South East England. The warmest weather will be in the South East with temperatures exceeding 22 Celsius. The winds will be increasing through the night. There will be 100% cloud cover and there will be no breaks in the cloud. The deep low pressure will last from November until May. There will be a battle with the very deep low pressure in the West and the high pressure from the East with the very deep low pressure winning out.

They even predicated that this will be the warmest, wettest and windiest late autumn and winter much more than 2014. The mildies even predicated a very mild, wet, windy and unsettled with a very strong Atlantic winds coming from a South West direction. The rain fall will be ten times wetter than it ever has been, since records began in 1910. Canada and the U.S.A. will have a colder than average temperatures and have copious amount of snow, where snow will reach people's home roofs with many roads completely blocked. They will have 48 hours + of heavy snow where 48+ feet of snow will fall.

The affect of a very strong and intense sudden stratospheric warming, Scandinavian high pressure, Greenland high pressure, Canadian warming, low sunspot count and the decimation of the polar vortex won't have any affect on the strong Atlantic winds or the jet stream. The Arctic oscillation and the Northern Atlantic oscillation are both extremely positive as they ramp up the Westerlies. Their motto is that the Westerly winds are the best for bringing a wind and rain fest. It also has forecasted that the Barometric pressure will be at the lowest it ever has been at 960 mb. It will be considerably wetter than average, very mild and very unsettled. The warmest places in Europe will be the British Isles and Ireland. No place in Europe will escape the Atlantic winds onslaught. Even if the Baring Straits waters become cooled down dramatically where the temperatures in the North Atlantic will be warm at the top, cold in the middle and warm at the bottom. No matter if all the signs point to colder and settled weather, it will be disregarded in favour of milder temperatures.

The next installment will be titled the coldies strike back

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