Post Quiz: What's the Holiday About? Answers

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What's the Holiday About? Answers

Pick a holiday. Any holiday. There's sure to be something interesting behind it.


  1. Let's start with an easy one. The French celebrate the day when the citizenry had had enough, and stormed the Bastille. What day is that? 14 July.
  2. What historical event is commemorated on Easter Monday? None at all. People just want a long weekend.
  3. On 18 February next year, Americans will celebrate George Washington's birthday. Why is that weird? He wasn't born then. Different calendar, Monday holidays, yadda yadda.
  4. Forty days after Easter, Austrians (among others) celebrate Ascension Day. Who did what on this day? Jesus went up to heaven. (German air force students of English have been known to call this day 'Jesus Christ Airborne'.)
  5. In Iceland, the first Monday in August is Verslunarmannahelgi. What are they celebrating? Commerce. Just shut up and enjoy it.
  6. Everybody else celebrates Halloween on 31 October. In Ireland, where it started, they have the last Monday in October off. What is the name of this auspicious holiday? October Holiday. (Superstitious?)
  7. Defence of the Fatherland (Motherland) Day in Russia is 23 February. What did it used to be called? Red Army Day.
  8. 30 April is Walpurgisnacht, which in addition to being a big witch-y holiday, is a public holiday in Sweden. What was significant about it in medieval Sweden? It was the end of the administrative year.
  9. In Israel, there's a solemn holiday called the Fast of the Ninth of Av. What does it commemorate? The destruction of both the first and second temples.
  10. The Chinese festival of Chung Yeung is held on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. What legendary event explains this tradition? About 200 BCE, a soothsayer (allegedly) told the Woon King to take his family up to a high mountain on the ninth day of the ninth month. They did, and escaped some catastrophe that killed all the townspeople. It's considered lucky to travel to a high place on this day.

Bonfires, anyone?
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