The Spell of the Walnut Tree

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The Spell of the Walnut Tree

Editor's Note:   This spell comes to you courtesy of The Book of Halloween, by Ruth Edna Kelley, 1919. We think this spell only works for European walnut trees: If you tried dancing around one of our Pennsylvania black walnut trees in the autumn dark, you would stumble on all those hard nuts the squirrels haven't collected yet, you'd get bonked on the noggin by large, hard, round green things, and your neighbour would mistake you for a burglar and call the cops. Let us know if this works for you.

Witch of the Walnut Tree

Down the centuries from the Druid tree- worship comes the spell of the walnut-tree. It is circled thrice, with the invocation: "Let her1 that is to be my true-love bring me some walnuts;" and directly a spirit will be seen in the tree gathering nuts.

"Last Hallow Eve I sought a walnut-tree.
In hope my true Love's face that I might see;
Three times I called, three times I walked apace;
Then in the tree I saw my true Love's face."
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