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The world continues to conspire to make me go on occasionally long treks to relocate things that my evil twin has misplaced.

The watering can was only the latest example, but it's as good a place to start as any -- until the next thing turns up missing (yes, I know those last six words were an oxymoron):

A few days ago, during a heat wave, I carried a watering can to the Common Area in the trailer park I live in. I usually rely on a water barrel that's there, but I knew it would be empty, or nearly so. I did my watering, and then got into a conversation with someone. I forgot about the watering can and wandered off to another part of the park. Next day, there was no watering can in its usual spot on my porch. That's okay, I have a spare, but as the days went on I began to worry that my evil twin might misplace that one as well, and then what will all the poor dry plants do? <cry> I started looking for it, but it was nowhere to be found. :-(

Yesterday morning we got almost an inch of rain. Maybe some of it seeped into my brain, reminding me that I hadn't looked in the Common Area. I checked there, and <eureka> there it was. The woman across the street started razzing me about watering the plants on a rainy day.

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