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Posted: 15th October 2018

What Colour Are Your Mushrooms?

Yellow Mushroom by Dmitri Gheorgheni There! Finally something non-automotive to beautify the Editorial with. Unfortunately, that's all I've got. You'll have to admire the antique tractors from last weekend's show. NT Hoggett is justly proud: he won another trophy for his still-running 1949 Case. NT will go far: we expect him to be repairing machinery on Mars someday.

The mushroom is from all the rain we got all the festival week and last weekend. It came down in torrents. Then the sun would come out and the temperature would shoot up to 28° Celsius. Welcome to autumn in Pennsylvania. It rained on our parade, literally. I also rained into everybody's Chinese takeaway meals. Then it stopped, and we got sunburnt watching the bands and floats. The mushrooms were just free decoration.

This week, more than a dozen reporters, writers, reviewers, and photographers weigh in at this venue to show you the world as they've seen it. Reports come from all over: South Africa, Spain, the Isle of Wight, Pennsylvania, to mention but a few.

Here's a rundown of the highlights:
Row of Tractors by Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Find out why a shoebill's called a shoebill.
  • Speculate on the Cows of Burton Mere.
  • Ooh and aah at the variety of eggs produced by the Hoggett poultry.
  • Visit wildlife: There's a bird onna stick, and the chipmunks star in a video. Revel in their witty repartee.
  • Find out what film Awix has seen, and what he thought of it.
  • In other entertainment news, get Bluebottle's insider report as he treads the boards in culturally rich Southampton.
  • Don't miss the video extra this week, courtesy of Prof Animal Chaos and Prof Junior! We think he deserves a medal for athletic achievement.
  • Test your mettle with the quizzes. Of course, you know all about the heckelphone, everybody's favourite instrument.
  • Tractors and Fried Veggies by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • Want fiction? Minorvogonpoet has some. Read about 'Mad Carrie'. There's a message here.
  • Want to know the facts? A certain Dr Alcott tells us how to make a missionary. Muse over the dangers of oversleeping on Sundays.
  • Photographers have been there, done that, and snapped more: Superfrenchie has found the only public statue devoted to Lucifer, while Freewayriding saw a giant. (More on that subject in next week's issue.) Paigetheoracle visited Great Yarmouth. MMF spotted another Really Odd Thing in a museum. bobstafford's captured another stunning vision. You get the idea.
  • Want good advice? Go elsewhere. But you might want to read the writing column, anyway, if only to complain about it.
  • There's humour. If you look hard enough, you will find it.

Ancient Truck by Dmitri Gheorgheni
As you can see, there's lots to enjoy. We encourage you to read, study, comment, and be inspired to send your own contribution our way at postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com. The Post Editor enjoys a full mailbox, because this means that, even if all's not right with the world, our corner of it is still going strong.

Whatever you do this week, enjoy yourself! Take care on zebra crossings, and always remember to keep a camera app handy. (Just don't take photos while on the zebra crossing.) Have a good one!


ALERT! We were about to go to press when the Editor noticed a serious, almost fatal oversight: There were no cats in this issue! This omission has now been corrected. Molly says you're welcome. She is happy to fulfill her role as emergency model.

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Dmitri Gheorgheni





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