Evolution of an Idea

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Evolution of an Idea

I have an idea that makes carrying rucksacks easier that I developed over the years as my own thoughts and new ideas from outside crept in. I don’t know if it is suitable for the Post but with all my ideas, I like to show off my talents even though it has never got me anywhere (oh tragic life - presses forward against arm, in old fashioned actor’s expression of grief or depression).

History-wise, I created the first prototype over twenty years ago and wore it so know the principle works. However, the three follow up designs, including one inspired by a Japanese company that used Silica Gel in shooting jackets (again for shock absorption), have not been built and tested.

It works on the principle of suspension for the body, when covering rough ground, much as car shock absorbers do on off road vehicles and cars in general. When I first wore it, I couldn’t believe how strap fatigue from rucksack straps digging into the collar bone, was relieved by the spread of weight sideways instead of down. The only problem was that the pack seemed lightweight but as it wasn’t held tight to the body by further strapping under the armpits at the time (now rectified in the design) it bounced all over the place. It was also sweaty because the closed cell foam wasn’t breathable.

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