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When it comes to the question of euthanasia, do we want to put someone out of their misery or out of ours (out of sight, out of mind)? Is it like any prejudice as with earlier centuries, wealthier classes, avoiding the poor because of their filth and squalor? Whose life is it anyway, to make that choice? Children need adults to make choices for them, to keep them alive and well but are we saying that we have the same right to chose for the elderly and the sick? How can conditions that lead to death be investigated and learned about, in order to overcome these difficulties, if society overrides parental consent as in the court cases of babies Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans amongst others? We simply don’t know until we explore possibilities, what we are capable of. Think of the people who would be dead today, if not for medical research being given full rein. Do soldiers have the right to kill others? No but they have the ability to.

You can only learn about living processes from living beings. Kill or let such people die and that stops advancement of knowledge likewise, so the condition remains an eternal problem, an eternal unknown. Science is about finding out the mechanics of reality and that includes human life. It is about observing reality, even our own death and decay, our own mortality (negative emotion wallows in self pity over loss of possessions, relationships, physical abilities, mental faculties etc. as positive emotion relishes the exploration of any event in its life, be it comedy or drama).

Bullying is imposing your will, your belief system on others. Free will on the other hand is about allowing individuals to make up their own minds on any subject. Cassius argued in Julius Caesar that it is better to kill somebody because it relieves them of the suffering of being alive. If we follow that line then every sick child or troublesome older person should be put to death, to stop them being a burden on the rest of society. All hospital patients should be put to death along with the disabled, then let’s get rid of the gays, coloured people, ethnic minorities etc. because nobody is perfect – yes this is the slippery slope that leads to fascism or diminishing returns, where the world shrinks in persecution of the different.

Nobody has to help anybody else or even themselves but that is the lazy and cowardly way out; give up, kill hope – stop all effort to survive, learn and grow as individuals or a society. Science and civilisation is driven by effort and the desire to know the truth about anything and everything. We stagnate when we hide. Pride is saying this is who I am, take it or leave it. Shame and guilt are options where you allow yourself to be manoeuvred by others and regret it afterwards – also known as conscience. Better to be long suffering than short tempered and live to regret it. Life is persistence – death of mind, body and spirit is giving up all effort. However reality is acceptance of your current state and abilities as delusion is the refusal to see what your presently capable of.

Death is dissolution of our civilisation and our individual rights. It is why Brexit is leading to the resurgence of racism, through separatism. Tolerance and patience builds physically and mentally as impatience and intolerance destroys. All negativity is avoidance of responsibility whether by word (excuse) 0r action (backing away). Optimism keeps us going forward as pessimism stops us in out tracks without trying anything new. Is our current world state telling us that this is the end for the world in its present form or can we rise to the challenge by going one more step into the future, one more step up the mountain, to a summit we have not reached yet because we cannot see it yet?

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