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Reality works in part on the following principle, which is designated as the Accumulation / Discharge Cycle (input / output dynamic). It can be seen in the motion of everything physical and emotional as a vehicle for change. It includes thought and action as opposing pairs, which like electrical polarity moves from one state to the other (see also Electric Universe theory by Wally Thornhill and others). It is no coincidence that certain mental characteristics go together e.g thought and doubt, action and confidence – to act is to believe as to stand back and observe is to disbelieve: this particular idea is called the Artist Effect because it is stepping forward to act (alter) and stepping back to examine what has been done, in order to ascertain is anything further needs to be done or not. This is speeding things up for effect (warmth) or slowing them down for clarity of perception (cooling off). It is the equivalent of Newton’s third law of motion or action in one direction, creating an opposite but equal reaction in the other.

This cycle includes everything from sex, the seasons, the tide* and within the body, peristaltic contractions, blood circulation etc. (Vacuole motion of sucking in new experiences and blowing out waste products or old ideas, in the case of the mind. In fact you could say that as we go through the universe, the universe goes through us (much like a worm and the medium it moves through) and that things don’t so much change as exchange experiences (no death, just transformation into something else as brilliantly explained in The Necronomican, the serial killer segment of three stories based on HP Lovecraft’s work (1993), portion directed by Shusuke Kaneko, where it was pointed out that swapping identities would lead to a different perception of the present / former lives).

In mental terms this means we must deprogramme our minds and reprogramme them with new experiences, new ideas instead of stagnating in old prejudices and preconceptions. By doing this, we move on physically and explore existence again with fresh eyes (sound is energy moving as we relax our hold on certainty or the fixed attention that holds us in thrall i.e. intellect or insight (understanding) as opposed to the mystery (curiosity) that moves us. This is the war between reason and feeling, science versus religion, masculine or feminine directions of energy / attention.

This idea explains our present society, in which we have projected ourselves forward, discharging post war inhibitions (social conscience) and becoming more and more permissive instead, more and more decadent as individual whim takes over from the needs of others around us. This is a natural progress, to do with the way the world works on a social level – in war we all pull together to survive, in peace we all drift apart, to pursue individual desires. Generalised awareness is ‘union with’ or ‘movement with’ creating the illusion of reality as specific awareness is ‘separation from’ (microcosm versus macrocosm, mind versus spirit). It is either being in a passive, receptive state or an active transmitive state – that is going somewhere else in mind or body, or being here, now and paying attention to your present surroundings. In other words, motion / emotion (reaction to sound), blurrs perception as stillness and silence, increases it.

I am not saying this explains everything that happens in the universe but like everything else we know, it may compliment that knowledge (Newtonian physics, Quatum mechanics, The Electric Universe theory etc.). Like the organs and cells in the body, the components of a car or the different parts that make up any society, human or insect, this may help explain some of the effects we see in the world and be part of the bigger picture, in all its sensory or perceptual hues.

*According to Hindu cosmology, the universe breathes or like the tide, ebbs and flos.

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