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Wise words

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SashaQ - happysad

These are wise words indeed.

I do tend to have a concise style when I write things, so if an essay has a word limit I rarely have to try to trim down what I wrote, and instead have to re-read and expand on the points I've made as they invariably don't include some detail or other that the reader will appreciate.

I enjoy Peer Review as I do read Entries imagining myself in different perspectives - maybe I am familiar with a topic, so I will enjoy reading an Entry, but then I will read it again with fresh eyes as if I am not familiar with the topic to see if I still think it is as clear as it can be. Similarly it is good when I read one of my own Entries after it has been in Peer Review for a while, that I often find improvements I can make myself, although I always appreciate other people's reviews.

I am perhaps overthoughtful when I write posts, especially in debate threads, that I read them several times to see if I have said anything that anyone might shout at me for, so it often takes me a long time to formulate a single message (even this one, which brewed for 25 minutes). Somewhat difficult, as it means I struggle to write as many messages as I would like when I am online, but I generally do feel better in myself, knowing I've tried my best... Although it does bring to mind a time not long after I had signed up to the BBC messageboards - I was really daring and wrote a message that I carefully edited into euphemism so that nobody could be too upset that a newbie was being so bold... I read what I had written a few months later and even I couldn't tell what I had thought had been so daring about it... smiley - blush There is a lesson for me in that, too...

Wise words

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Dmitri Gheorgheni, Post Editor

smiley - rofl Good point, there. But your thoughtfulness is appreciated. smiley - hug

Wise words

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SashaQ - happysad

Thank you smiley - hug

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