Meet Roxy

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Meet Roxy

Roxy, the black cat

Roxy: she is enjoying looking up at the birds in the tree, on a sunny day.

A lovely cat with the most loving temperament I have met.

She is a well-travelled cat. She was born some way from us, a long way in fact, in Montreal Canada.

She had a happy life with her people and when she was eight, her family made the decision to move. Her human was a pilot for Air Canada and moved to Europe, and Roxy and her sister came with him and his wife.

There is some times an unforeseen event: hers was the reassignment of her pilot owner. She ended up in a cat home with her sister.

We met her in the cats' home. Her sister had long gone, adopted by a family, but she was left. Black cats are sometimes hard to home.

We found her, and after a short time we had a new cat. She was wonderful from the start. Basil adopted her, and within the week she was settled.

Our reward was the kindest, most loving little cat that has ever joined our family, full of love, curiosity1 and kindness.

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1She is helping to type this.

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