It's a Sign! At the Supermarket

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It's a Sign! At the Supermarket

Bluebottle says:

One of the biggest moments in anyone’s life is turning 18 and becoming an adult1. And one of the highlights of becoming an adult is not only can you now buy and drink alcohol, available in aisle 18 of this supermarket, you can also go to aisle 13 and buy adult drinks. Like lemonade and fizzy, carbonated orange. Ah, the freedom and responsibility!

Oh, and while I was in the supermarket I thought I’d see if it is true what they say about how toilet roll is priced, and yes, it is. In the UK, toilet rolls are priced per 100 sht. I’ve highlighted it to make it stand out, but all the letters are genuine.
Fizzy drinks on a supermarket shelfToilet paper for sale in the UK
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1Acquiring adult status at 18 may not be available in all countries and territories; local laws, terms and customs apply.

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