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Can I Have a Ticket for This Stagecoach, Please?

Asteroid Lil popped into the Post Office for a chat the other day. We were pleased to get in touch with her: we've missed her. She mentioned that she was very busy with a new undertaking: 3D modelling. We'll let her explain:

Lil using her laptop for modelling
Blender is a fully-featured open-source application for doing 3D modelling and animations. When I got a good gaming-quality laptop last year, I started learning Blender. I have used it almost every day for, um, 16 months now, and haven't even got round to animation. Oh, and since I have to lie on my side, here's how I work.

She added:

That's the Blender interface on the screen

How about that hoopy keyboard!

As you see, I have to type one-handed.
Drill press

'What's that?' I asked.

A drill press. The wondrous thing about modeling is, you can't create something if you don't know how it works. So I spend a lot of time doing research. I knew nothing, nothing about workshop tools, but I said to myself, how hard can it be? Famous last words.

I was, of course, awed.

Here is a selection of Lil's models. Now, how about that for inventive? She adds:

The lower half of my body is paralyzed and numb, and I don't even have sexual response, so I seem to have sublimated all that drive into art. I have to do art every day or I get a headache. I think about art every 7 seconds1.
StagecoachDrill pressRolltop desk
The Miss LimboMiss Limbo in detailPeppermill
PeppermillVise in wire frame grabVise in solid mode
Mission church interior

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1Full disclosure by Editor: when I offered to keep this information 'off the record', Lil replied, 'You can keep the sex part on the record, too – people should understand paraplegia.' – DG

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